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Manna is described as being comparable to Hoarfrost in size. Hoarfrost on grass lawn.

Manna, sometimes spelled mana, is the name of a food which, according to the Bible, the Israelites ate while they were traveling 40 years in the desert after leaving Egypt, which God provided because they had nothing to eat.[1] Every morning they would gather the white flakes that covered the ground. It is said to have a sweet taste. When they got tired of manna, God gave them quail (bird).[2]

Where did they come from?[change | change source]

Manna was called the "bread of heaven" because it seemed to come from Heaven, according to the Bible.[3] Some suggest that they were a type of locust; some say that it was the sap of a tree which is known to satisfy hunger. In the Mishna, it is said that it was made during twilight of the sixth day of Creation.

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