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Marie-Josephine Clarice Gaudette (25 March 1902 – 13 July 2017) was an American-born Italian supercentenarian. She was the oldest living person in Italy from the death of Emma Morano, who was the oldest living person in the world and the oldest Italian person ever on 15 April 2017 until her own death three months later.

Gaudette was born in Manchester, New Hampshire, United States, and was the oldest living person born in the United States from the death of Susannah Mushatt Jones on 12 May 2016 and the oldest emigrant from the U.S. ever.[1]

A nun known as Mother Cecilia, she lived in the Italian convent from 1958 until her death[2] and was considered "the world's oldest nun".[3] She lived in Canada and France before settling in Italy.[4] Gaudette died on 13 July 2017, aged 115 years, 110 days.

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