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Mark V tank

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The Mark V tank is a armored vehicle produced by the British Empire during the First World War.

It is a succesor to the Mark IV tank, it includes several improvements to it's predecessor, such as:

A new engine, steering system and transmission. It fell short on some areas like ventilation, which was bad, leading to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Mark I series tank in 1916(This needs to be changed to a Mark V tank image that is in the public domain)

Multiple versions of this tank were issued, including armament like 6-pounder guns and machine guns

The Mark V tank was first sent to battle in July 1918, in the final months of The First World War. It was deployed at the Battle of Hamel, Battle of Amiens, and on the Hindenburg Line

During the Russian Civil War Mark Vs were delivered to Archangelsk, Tallinn, Estonia, and Novorossiysk, where they were captured and used by the Red Army.