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Mausoleum of three leaders

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The tomb of the three statesmen.

The Mausoleum of Three Leaders, also known as the (Suhrawardy Udyan National Memorial), located at Shahbag, Dacca in the former erstwhile East Pakistan province, contains the graves of three prominent leaders of Pakistan Movement from Bengal: All three men served as the Prime Minister of Bengal in British India and after Independence two of them also served as Prime Minister of Pakistan. Even with all these achievements, it was rumoured that these three political leaders had a rivalry with each other in terms of success. However, despite their rivalry, three of the political leaders were buried under the same roof of the mausoleum of the three leaders. The style of architecture of the monuments is an interpretation of Islamic Arcs. The Mausoleum of three leaders consists of a hyperbolic paraboloid structure that is erected over the three graves of the three political leaders.