Mawlid of the Nebi

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Mawlid of the Nebi

Mawlif of the Nebi (in Zazaki language: Mewlıdê Nebi, or in modern Zazaki, Biyayışê Peyğamberi) is the first book written in the Zazaki language. It was written by Ahmed el-Hasi in Diyarbakır in 1899 and was published on March 25, 1899. The book is a religious book and includes stories about the birth of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The title of the book means "Birth of the Prophet".

It was originally written in the Ottoman Turkish alphabet, which uses the Arabic script.[1] Zazaki turned to using the Latin script in 1928 and the Mawlid was rewritten in this writing system, using the Zazaki alphabet.

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