Mazandarani language

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Mazänderuni مازرونی
Tabäri تبری
Native toIran, province of Mazandaran and parts of the provinces of Alborz, Tehran, Semnan and Golestan
RegionSouth coast of the Caspian Sea
Native speakers
(3.3 million cited 1993)
  • Mazanderani
  • Shahmirzadi
  • Gorgani†
Persian alphabet
Official status
Regulated byNone. but Linguistic faculty of Mazanderan University officially gathers materials and resources about it.
Language codes
ISO 639-3Either:
mzn – Mazanderani
srz – Shahmirzadi
Mazandarani Language Map.PNG
Areas where Mazanderani is spoken as mother tongue

Mazandarani (in Mazandarani: Mäzeruni) is a Iranian language. It is spoken in northern Iran. Areas that use it are: Mazandaran, west of Golestan, north of Tehran and Semnan and northeast of Qazvin. Between 3-4 million people speak it. Mazandarni is an older Iranian language.

Script and alphabet[change | change source]

Mazandarani language was written in the Pahlavi alphabet in the early centuries of Islam. The language uses the Arabic alphabet.

Literature[change | change source]

Mazandarni language has the oldest literature among local languages in Iran. Among books written in this language are:

  • Translation of Quran
  • Marzbananme
  • Nikiname