Mega Man 3

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Mega Man 3
Producer(s)Tokuro Fujiwara Edit this on Wikidata
Designer(s)Tokuro Fujiwara (producer)
Composer(s)Yasuaki Fujita Edit this on Wikidata
SeriesMega Man Classic
ReleaseJPN September 28, 1990
NA November 1990
EU February 20, 1992
Mode(s)Single player

Mega Man 3, known in Japan as Rockman 3 Dr. Wily no Saigo!? (ロックマン3 Dr.ワイリーの最期!?, Rokkuman Surī Dokutā Wairī no Saigo!?, lit. "Rockman 3: End of Dr. Wily!?"), is a platform video game made by Capcom for the Nintendo Entertainment System game console.