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Meherabad ("abad" means a flourishing colony) is the main center where Meher Baba lived and worked from 1923. It is about nine kilometers (6 miles) south of Ahmednagar, India. It is now the site of Meher Baba's tomb as well as places for visitors to stay. A large number of buildings associated with the earlier days of Baba’s work as well as places of charity are also there. Many Baba lovers work or live in the Meherabad area. Meherabad is a popular place of pilgrimage. Around 30,000 pilgrims come each year to Amartithi (the anniversary of Meher Baba's death). In 1944 Meher Baba moved his residence 15 miles north to Meherazad located on the other side of Ahmedagar. It also is a place of pilgrimage.