Melville Island (Canada)

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Satellite image of Melville Island

Melville Island is a member of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, Canada with an area of 42,149 km2 (16,274 sq mi). No one lives on Melville Island. It is the 33rd biggest island in the world and Canada's 8th biggest island. Melville Island is shared by the Northwest Territories, which has the western half of the island, and Nunavut, which has the eastern half. The mountains on Melville Island are some of the biggest in the western Canadian Arctic. Some of them reach heights of one kilometre.

Melville Island was first visited by the British explorer Sir William Parry in 1819. Not only did he find the island, but he had to spend the winter at what is now called "Winter Harbour", until August 1, 1820. The island is named for Robert Dundas, 2nd Viscount Melville who was First Sea Lord at the time.