Mika (singer)

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Mika in 2012

Mika (born Michael Holbrook Penniman, Jr.; 18 August 1983) is a British-Lebanese singer.

Life[change | change source]

Mika was born in Beirut, Lebanon to a Lebanese mother and an American father. When Mika was a year old, his family was forced to leave war-torn Lebanon and moved to Paris. He moved to London at age nine. He is openly gay and some of his songs have LGBT themes.[1]

Albums[change | change source]

  • Life in Cartoon Motion (released February 5th, 2007)
  • The Boy Who Knew Too Much (released September 21st, 2009)
  • The Origin of Love (released October 8th, 2012)
  • No Place in Heaven (released June 15th, 2015)
  • My Name Is Michael Holbrook (released October 4th, 2019)

Songs[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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