Mirpur Khas

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Mirpur Khas
میرپور خاص
Mirpur Khas is located in Pakistan
Mirpur Khas
Location in Sindh
Coordinates: 25°19′N 69°00′E / 25.31°N 69.00°E / 25.31; 69.00Coordinates: 25°19′N 69°00′E / 25.31°N 69.00°E / 25.31; 69.00
Country Pakistan
Province Sindh
District Mirpur Khas District
Population (1981)
 • Total 124,371
Calling code 0233
No. of Towns 5

Mirpur Khas (Urdu: /Sindhi: میرپور خاص; meaning the land of the most high mirs) is a city in the province of Sindh in Pakistan. It is the fourth largest city in the province with an estimated population of 124,371 (1981). It is the capital of Mirpur Khas District.

Its soil is fertile and the city is known for its horticulture produce and farming, of which the most celebrated is the mango cultivation with hundreds of varieties of mangoes produced each year.