Moderate Youth League

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Swedish Young Conservatives
Moderata ungdomsförbundet
ChairpersonDouglas Thor
Secretary GeneralFredrik Hultman
Founded1934; 89 years ago (1934)
Preceded byNational League of Sweden
HeadquartersBlasieholmsgatan 4A, Stockholm, Sweden
Membership10 578 (2020)
IdeologyLiberal conservatism[1]
Libertarian conservatism
Classical liberalism
Economic liberalism
Mother partyModerate Party
International affiliationInternational Young Democrat Union (IYDU)
European affiliationYouth of the European People's Party (YEPP)
Nordic affiliationNordic Young Conservative Union (NUU)

The Moderate Youth League (Swedish: Moderata ungdomsförbundet [mʊdɛˈrɑ̌ːta ˈɵ̂ŋdʊmsfœrˌbɵndɛt] (audio speaker iconlisten); MUF), officially known in English as the Swedish Young Conservatives, is the youth wing of the Swedish Moderate Party. It is the largest of the youth groups that got support from the Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs in 2009.[3]

The Moderate Youth League is more libertarian-leaning than the Moderate Party. It is generally pro-market, pro-American, pro-Israeli and liberal in social issues such as abortion and gay rights. The group supports making it legal to share files. They also support making alcohol for private purposes. Its official ideologies are liberalism and conservatism.[4]

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