Monika Sadkowska

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Monika Emilia Sadkowska is a Polish climate activist, culture expert and actress. She is also a Coordinator of Secretariat for "Forum of Mayors for Just Transition". It is a project from World Wildlife Fund of Poland. She is the co-organizer of "Climate Camp" in Świętno.

Activism[change | change source]

Her activism started when she knew about "Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement" with "Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership". She was also influenced by "The geopolitics of Hunger book" by Jean Ziegler.[1]

She is also a co-organizer of first Climate Camp in Poland. It happened in July 2018 on Świętno. The event was joined by around 400 people.[2] She also created "Climate Choir" in 2020 with Aleksandra Gryka.[3] The Climate Choir has organized a meeting on the 18 September 2020.[4][5]

Career[change | change source]

Before becoming an activist, Sadkowska was a vocalist for Żywiołak from 2008 to 2011.[6][7] Monika was replaced by Izabella Byra on 2008. It was when she was on "maternity leave".[8][9] Currently, she is working in "WWF Poland" as a coordinator of "Secretariat of the Forum of Mayors for Just Transition".[10] Forum of Mayors for Just Transition is a place where mayors exchange information and experience about the process of their town. The process was for leaving coal as a source of energy.[11]

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