Montserrat Abelló i Soler

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Montserrat Abelló i Soler

Montserrat Abelló i Soler (1 February 1918 – 9 September 2014) was a Spanish Catalan poet and translator. She translated works of literature from English to her native Catalan, and from Catalan into English.

Early life and education[change | change source]

Abelló i Soler was born in Tarragona, in the Province of Tarragona. During the Spanish Civil War, she lived in exile in France, England and Chile.

Translations[change | change source]

From English to Catalan[change | change source]

She translated works by American novelist Sylvia Plath, Welsh novelist Dylan Thomas, English writer E. M. Forster, Irish-born British author Iris Murdoch and Iranian translator Mohsen Emadi

From Catalan to English[change | change source]

She translated works by writers Salvador Espriu, Mercè Rodoreda, Maria Àngels Anglada, Maria Mercè Marçal and Olga Xirinacs Díaz.

Writing[change | change source]

She published works of poetry in Catalan.

  • 1963 - Vida diària ("Daily life")
  • 1981 - Vida diària: Paraules no dites ("Daily Life: Words not said")
  • 1986 - El blat del temps ("The Wheat of Time")
  • 1990 - Foc a les mans ("Fire in Hand")
  • 1995 - L’arrel de l’aigua ("The Root of Water")
  • 1995 - Son màscares que m’emprovo ("Masks of Sleep that I Try")
  • 1998 - Dins l’esfera del temps ("In the Sphere of Time") which won the Gold Critica Serra prize in 1999
  • 2004 - Asseguda escrivint ("Seated Writing")
  • 2006 - Memoria de tu i de mi ("Memories of You and Me")

In 2002, her poetry was compiled in Al cor de les paraules: obra poètica 1963-2002 ("In the Heart of Words: Poetic Works 1963-2002"), which in 2003 won several Catalan literary prizes.

She has also contributed to anthologies (collections) of writing and poetry:

  • 1993 - Cares a la finestra: 20 dones poetes de parla anglesa del segle XX ("Faces in the Window: 20 English Women Poets of the 20th century")
  • 1998 - Cartografies del desig: Quinze escriptores i el seu món ("Cartography of Desire: Fifteen writers and their world")
  • 1999 - Memoria de l’aigua: Onze escriptores i el seu món ("Memories of Water: Eleven writers and their world")
  • 1999 - Paisatge emergent ("Emergent Landscape")

Death[change | change source]

Abelló i Soler died on 9 September 2014 in Barcelona, aged 96.[1]

References[change | change source]

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