Monumento Tortura Nunca Mais

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The Tortura Never More Monument, in Recife, was the first monument built in the country in honor of the dead and disappeared Brazilian politicians, and features the body of a naked man in a pau de arara torture position.[1][2]

The Monumento Tortura Nunca Mais or Monument to Torture Never Again is a monument located in Praça Padre Henrique, Rua da Aurora, city of Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil.[3] Designed by the architect from Piauí, Demetrio Albuquerque, it was the first monument built in the country in honor of the dead and disappeared Brazilian politicians.[1][4]

Its construction was the result of a public tender held by the city of Recife in 1988,[5] which not only foresaw the construction of a monument that would symbolize the conditions of torture and disrespect for the dignity of the human person to which several people were subjected during the Brazilian military regime, as well as the entire revitalization of the place.

The Monument to Torture Never Again honors the victims of the Military Dictatorship in Brazil between (1964–1985) the work is located in Recife.[6]

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