Morris Gleitzman

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Morris Gleitzman
Morris Gleitzman at Ingleburn Library (6081386435).jpg
Born (1953-01-09) 9 January 1953 (age 70)
Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England
Notable worksThe Toad series and Once, Then, Now and After

Morris Gleitzman (born 9 January 1953 in England)[1] is one of Australia's most successful children's writers. Morris Gleitzman began writing as a screenwriter and enjoyed success writing for the Norman Gunston Show on Australian television. He has also written for the Governor-General of Australia and Rolf Harris.

Career[change | change source]

Morris Gleitzman has had much success with his children's stories. They have been published in 14 countries around the world including the United States, United Kingdom, France and Australia. Some of his most successful books include Misery Guts, Worry Warts, Blabber Mouth, Belly Flop and Puppy Fat. He was born in England, on 9 January 1953.

He had dropped out of school by the age of 16 to live "the hippie dream" and by the time he had moved to Australia was writing many short stories that would later become a reality and turn his small life into a big meaningful life.

His most successful book is Two Weeks With the Queen.

Published books[change | change source]

Year Title Notes
1987 The Other Facts of Life First novel. Started out as a screenplay which he turned into a novel.
1989 Two Weeks with the Queen
1991 Misery Guts
1992 Worry Warts Sequel to Misery Guts.
1993 Blabber Mouth
1994 Sticky Beak Sequel to Blabber Mouth
1995 Puppy Fat Sequel to Misery Guts and Worry Warts
Second Childhood Made in 1995
1996 Belly Flop
1997 Water Wings Loose sequel to Belly Flop
1998 Bumface
Wicked! Written together with Paul Jennings
1999 Gift of the Gab Sequel to Blabber Mouth and Sticky Beak
2000 Toad Rage
Self Helpless Self-help book
2001 Adults Only
Bgre3ady Written together with Paul Jennings
2002 Boy Overboard
2003 Toad Heaven Sequel to Toad Rage
2004 Teacher's Pet
Toad Away Sequel to Toad Rage and Toad Heaven
2005 Girl Underground Sequel to Boy Overboard
Worm Story
2006 Aristotle's Nostril
2007 Doubting Thomas
Give Peas a Chance Collection of short stories. Features characters from many of his earlier books.
2008 Toad Surprise Sequel to Toad Rage, Toad Heaven and Toad Away
2009 Then Sequel to Once
2010 Now Sequel to Once and Then
Tickled Onions Collection of short stories. Contains some stories from Give Peas a Chance.
2011 Too Small to Fail
Pizza Cake Collection of short stories. Contains some stories from Tickled Onions.
2012 After Sequel to Once, Then and Now

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