Moses Mabhida Stadium

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Moses Mabhida Stadium
Durban Stadium
Moses Mabhida Stadium
LocationDurban, South Africa
Coordinates29°49′46″S 31°01′49″E / 29.82944°S 31.03028°E / -29.82944; 31.03028Coordinates: 29°49′46″S 31°01′49″E / 29.82944°S 31.03028°E / -29.82944; 31.03028

Moses Mabhida Stadium is a sports stadium in Durban, South Africa. It was built in 2009. It was built for south African world cup which was to be held in 2010. MANY PEOPLE MANAGE TO ATTEND THE GAME. It was for the first time south Africa receiving such memory.

FIFA World Cup[change | change source]

The stadium hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Is one of the 10 stadiums where World Cup games were played. FIFA calls this stadium Durban Stadium.

2010 World Cup Matches

All times are given in South African Standard time (UTC+2).

Date Time Group Team #1 Team #2
Sunday, 13 June 20:30 Group D Germany Australia
Wednesday, 15 June 16:00 Group H Spain Switzerland
Saturday, 19 June 13:30 Group E Netherlands Japan
Tuesday, 22 June 20:30 Group B Nigeria Korea Republic
Friday, 25 June 16:00 Group G Portugal Brazil
Monday, 28 June 16:00 Round of 16 1E 2F
Wednesday, 7 July 20:30 Semi-finals W59 W60

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