Mount Kinabalu

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Mount Kinabalu
Gunung Kinabalu'
MtKinabalu view from kundasan.jpg
Mount Kinabalu
Highest point
Elevation4,096 m (13,438 ft)
Prominence4,096 m (13,438 ft) 
Ranked 20th
Isolation2,538 kilometres (1,577 mi)
ListingCountry high point
Spesial (Ribu)
LocationSabah, Borneo,
Parent rangeCrocker Range
First ascentMarch 1851
Hugh Low (summit plateau)
John Whitehead (highest peak)
Easiest routeHiking

Mount Kinabalu is a high mountain on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. This is in Malaysia.

The mountain is protected as a park, named Kinabalu Park. The park was awarded the country's first World Heritage Site. Because of over 5,000 plant species, it is also one of the world’s most important biological sites.[1]

At its peak, the indigenous Kadazan people make their homes there. The mountain's name comes from the name "Akinabalu" (meaning Revered Place of the Dead).[2]

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A mountain squirrel, Sundasciurus tenuis, from Mount Kinabalu

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