Mount of Olives

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Mount of Olives
Hebrew: "Har HaZeitim"
The Mount of Olives
Highest point
Elevation809 m (2,654 ft)
ListingJudaean Mountains
Coordinates31°47′00″N 35°15′00″E / 31.78333°N 35.25000°E / 31.78333; 35.25000

The Mount of Olives (or Mount Olivet, Hebrew: הר הזיתים, Har HaZeitim; Arabic: جبل الزيتون, الطور, Jebel az-Zeitun) is a mountain in East Jerusalem. It is located to next to the Old City, and is part of the West Bank. It is named for the olive groves that once grew on its slopes. The mountain is important to Jews, Muslims and Christians. There are many churches, and the largest Jewish cemetery in the world is located there. The mountain is 809 metres (2,654 ft) above sea level.

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