Moxico Province

Coordinates: 11°47′30″S 19°54′22″E / 11.7918°S 19.9062°E / -11.7918; 19.9062
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Moxico, province of Angola
Moxico, province of Angola
 • GovernorGonçalves Manuel Muandumba
 • Vice-Governor for the Political, Economic and Social SectorCarlos Alberto Masseca
 • Vice-Governor for Technical Services and InfrastructuresManuel Lituai
 • Total223,023 km2 (86,110 sq mi)
 (2014 census)[1]
 • Total758,568
 • Density3.4/km2 (8.8/sq mi)
Area code254
ISO 3166 codeAO-MOX
HDI (2018)0.535[2]
low · 8th

Moxico is the largest province of Angola. There are about 230,000 people. Luena is the capital of the province. The Cameia National Park is located in Moxico.

11°47′30″S 19°54′22″E / 11.7918°S 19.9062°E / -11.7918; 19.9062

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