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Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean is a British sitcom and comedy show. It is about a man who lives in London and has problems and finds unusual ways to solve them. It is physical humor and has less dialogue than is usual for a sitcom. It has fourteen 25-minute episodes. All of them were written by and star Rowan Atkinson as the main character. Different episodes were also written by Robin Driscoll, Richard Curtis and one by Ben Elton. The first episode was shown on ITV on 1 January 1990. The last television episode, "Goodnight Mr. Bean" broadcast on 31 October 1995. The final episode, "Hair by Mr. Bean of London", was a video released on 15 November 1995, but not shown in the United Kingdom until 2006.

Origin[change | change source]

The character of Mr. Bean was created by Rowan Atkinson while Rowan Atkinson was studying for his master's degree at The Queen's College, Oxford. A sketch about Bean was shown at the Edinburgh Fringe.[1]

References[change | change source]

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