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Jean-Léon Gérôme. A Muezzin Calling from the Top of a Minaret the Faithful to Prayer (1879)

The muezzin (Also muzim; via Turkish müezzin from Arabic: مؤذن mu’aḏḏin) is a chosen person at the mosque. He leads the call (adhan) to Friday service and the five daily prayers (also known as the salat) from one of the mosque's minarets. Today, many osques have electronic amplification, and the muezzin does not longer need to be on the minaret. Blind people often got the position; this is so that they could not see the places where women gathered.

Inthe city of Abu Dhabi, the call to prayer is coordinated, all mosques transmit the call of the muezzin of Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The idea to introduce a similar sysrem in Cairo failed in 2004.[1]

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