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Mumbra Devi Temple

Coordinates: 19°11′36″N 73°01′08″E / 19.1934°N 73.0188°E / 19.1934; 73.0188
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Mumbra Devi Temple
मुंब्रा देवी
Mumbra Devi Temple on Parsik Hill in Mumbra
DeityMaa Mumbra Devi
Country India
Geographic coordinates19°11′36″N 73°01′08″E / 19.1934°N 73.0188°E / 19.1934; 73.0188

Mumbra Devi Temple is an old Hindu temple located at the top of Parsik Hill in Mumbra of Thane district, Maharashtra, India. It is located on the hill, approx 210 meters from sea level. It has idols of nine goddesses. These nine idols are carved in stone. Mumbra Devi Temple is crowded with devotees on Navratri, one of the most revered Hindu festivals observed in the honour of Mother Goddess Durga.[1][2]

It is also visited by many trekkers, who come to climb the hill.[3]

The temple is managed and taken care of by Bhagat family, who also built the recent construction of the temple. Mumbra Devi is the main deity of the Koli and Agri fishermen tribes living in the Mumbra area.[4][5]


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