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Museo d’Arte
Established2 January 1995
LocationVia Degli Imbimbo, 83100 Avellino - Italy
Typemodern art and contemporary art

The Museo d'arte is a museum for modern and contemporary art. It is in Avellino, Italy.

The museum was opened on 2 January 1995.[1] It was developed from the private gallery of O. Stefano into a museum open to the public. The design for the museum building was ready in September 1993. It was finished in December 1994.[2]

The museum has a library and a documentary film library. It plays video documentaries and speeches by famous art critics.[3]

Collection[change | change source]

Currently the museum exhibition presents to the public a few selected works of modern art and contemporary art. The original works include sculptures, drawings, oil paintings, and prints done by etching, lithograph and serigraph.[4] [5]

Artists[change | change source]

Artists in the museum's permanent exhibition include:

Nineteenth century[change | change source]

Twentieth century[change | change source]

Twenty-first century[change | change source]

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