Naiyyum Choudhury

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Naiyyum Choudhury
নঈম চৌধুরী
Naiyyum Choudhury.JPG
Born(1946-09-27)27 September 1946
Died7 September 2019(2019-09-07) (aged 72)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
OccupationTeaching, research
Known forNational Biotechnology Policy of Bangladesh[1]

Naiyyum Choudhury (27 September 1946 – 7 September 2019)[2] was a Bangladeshi biochemist.[3] He was the founding Chairman of the BAERA and the IAEA Regional Cooperation Agreement (RCA) Chair person.[4] He was also the Vice President of the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (BAS) and was a fellow of the academy from 2000 through 2019.[5]

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