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This is the birthplace of the famous Goryeo-Era general, Gang Gam-chan(강감찬, 姜邯贊 ; 948-1031). It is said that when Gang Gam-chan was born a star fell from Heaven, and so this place was named Site of the Falling Star (Nakseongdae).

The People of Goryeo Kingdom(918-1392) erected a three-story pagoda at the house of his birth to praise him for his great deeds (He is famous for expelling 400,000 invading Khitan forces). Damaged parts of this pagoda were restored by Seoul Metropolitan Government in 1964, and it was designated Seoul Tangible Cultural Property No.4 in 1972. Two years later a shrine was built for him and the pagoda, which was originally located at 218 Bongcheon-dong, was moved here.