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Nangarhar Province

Coordinates: 34°15′N 70°30′E / 34.25°N 70.50°E / 34.25; 70.50
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Nangarhar Province
Street in Jalalabad city
Street in Jalalabad city
Map of Afghanistan with Nangarhar highlighted
Map of Afghanistan with Nangarhar highlighted
Coordinates (Capital): 34°15′N 70°30′E / 34.25°N 70.50°E / 34.25; 70.50
Country Afghanistan
 • GovernorHajji Gul Mohammad[1]
 • Deputy GovernorMaulvi Niaz Mohammad Wahaj[2]
 • Police ChiefNeda Mohammad
 • Total7,727 km2 (2,983 sq mi)
 • Total1,735,531
 • Density220/km2 (580/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+4:30 (Afghanistan Time)
ISO 3166 codeAF-NAN
Main languagesPashto, Dari

Nangarhar (Pashto: ننګرهار Nangarhār) is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan. It is in the east of the country. Jalalabad is the capital. There are 1,383,900 people in the province.[4]

Districts[change | change source]

Districts of Nangarhar (district names in Dari)

Nangarhar province is divided into 22 districts, these are:

Districts of Nangarhar Province
District Capital Population[5] Area[6] Notes
Achin 95,468
Bati Kot 71,308
Bihsud 118,934 Created in 2005 within Jalalabad District
Chaparhar 57,339
Dara-I-Nur 28,202
Dih Bala 33,294
Dur Baba 13,479
Goshta 31,130
Hisarak 28,376
Jalalabad 205,423 Sub-divided in 2005
Kama 52,527
Khogyani 111,479
Kot 52,154 Created in 2005 within Rodat District
Kuz Kunar 42,823
Lal Pur 18,997
Momand Dara 42,103
Nazyan 16,328
Pachir Aw Agam 40,141
Rodat 63,357 Sub-divided in 2005
Sherzad 63,232
Shinwar 64,872
Surkh Rod 91,548

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