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Naresuan University is a university in Phitsanulok, Thailand.

Symbols of Naresuan University[change | change source]

NU stands for Naresuan University. The first symbol of this university is the statue of King Naresuan the great. The second is the King Naresuan’s elephant. The school flower is Lagerstroemia loudonii Binn. The school colors are gray and orange. Gray means the color of wisdom. Orange means the color of braveness and goodness.

Vision[change | change source]

Naresuan University is the sources of acknowledgement and we support pupils to be the good people in Thai society.

Philosophy[change | change source]

Naresuan University’s ideology is to make pupils have educations, goodnesses and ethical behaviors to live with other people in society happily.

Determination[change | change source]

The determinations of Naresuan University are not only to be the head of academy in south north region which developing the pupils to be the good pundit and can live happily with the other people in society, but also reduce the environment.

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