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Nath Sect (Nath Sampradaya in Hindi) is a religious sect under the "Shaiva sect" of Hinduism. Believed to be started with the origin of mythical god & incarnation of God Shiva "Dattatrey". Dattatrey is believed to be the founder or the "Aadi Guru" (first teacher) Nath sect. The Nath sect is a tradition which indulge and practice many types of magical traditions like Tantras (sorcery), Mantras (spells), Siddha (yoga) etc. It is believed that the Gorakhnath was also the saint from this clan. He added many new traditions into this tradition like Siddha Yoga. Naths are also associated with "Naga Sadhus" believed to be the saints of highest ranks though Naths have the highest prominence in the Saints hierarchy which is to be known around the whole India in hindu religious community. Gorakhnath (believed to be the last in Nath sect) himself was a incarnation of Shiva with many powers and the knowledge of wide ranges of bewitchment, mesmerism, spells, spellbinding, sorcery. Presently these types of practices are common mainly in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Someone who masters this type of practices can also be called a "Tantrik".