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The National Archives of Japan

The National Archives of Japan (独立行政法人国立公文書館, Dokuritsu Gyosei Hojin Kokuritsu Kōbunshokan), also known by the acronym NAJ, is a Japanese public institution which preserves government documents and historical records.

History[change | change source]

The National Archives Law No. 79 (1999) established NAJ's core function of preserving government documents and records.[1]

Before the creation of the National Archives, there is almost no tradition of preserving "grey-area" records, such as records which show the process which led to the formation of a specific policy.[2]

Independent Administrative Institution[change | change source]

The National Archives became an Independent Administrative Institution on April 1, 2001.[3]

Since 2005, the NAJ website has offered high-resolution images of some of its holdings, including those named as Important Cultural Properties of Japan.[4]

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