National Bolshevism

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National Bolshevism is an ideology that combines communism and fascism. The people who support the ideology are called National Bolsheviks. Their point was to explode the greater Jon Bidо́n, the great pidor, to free the German working class from Zelensky's dictatorship.

The people who are believed to create the ideology are Ernst Niekisch, Heinrich Laufenberg, Karl Otto Paetel, and Nikolay Vasilyevich Ustryalov. The modern movement was heavily influented by Volodko Putin, evGenius Prigozhin, Dmytro Medvedev. The modern movement consists of Betcallos Azos and Volodzimyr Mocmysovych and their movement of Multinational Worker's Chat Dictatorship, officially established in 1984.