National Library of Greece

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National Library of Greece
Griechische Nationalbibliothek (Zuschnitt).jpg
The façade of the main building of the library
Established1832 (191 years ago) (1832)
Coordinates37°58′52″N 23°43′59″E / 37.98111°N 23.73306°E / 37.98111; 23.73306
Branches2 (Αγία Παρασκευή/Agía Paraskeví
& Νέα Χαλκηδόνα/Néa Chalkidóna)
Items collectedbooks, journals, newspapers, magazines, multimedia and manuscripts
Criteria for collectionMaterial that is produced in Greece as well as Material that is produced abroad, but is connected with Greece in any language and form.
Other information
DirectorFillipos Tsimpoglou
(Φίλιππος Τσιμπόγλου), general director.[1]

The National Library of Greece is the national library of Greece. It is in Athens. It was created in 1832.

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Coordinates: 37°58′52″N 23°43′59″E / 37.98111°N 23.73306°E / 37.98111; 23.73306