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Nechama Rivlin

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Rivlin in December 2014

Nechama Rivlin (Hebrew: נחמה ריבלין‎; 5 June 1945 – 4 June 2019) was an Israeli socialite. She was the First Lady of Israel from 2014 until her death in 2019. She was married to Reuven Rivlin, the current President of Israel. The couple married in 1971.

Rivlin was born in Herut. She was a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She later worked as a researcher at the university, and later in the departments of zoology, geology and genetics.

Rivlin had pulmonary fibrosis, a lung disease. She had a lung transplant in March 2019. She died of problems caused by the transplant on 4 June 2019 in Petah Tikva. Her death occurred a day before her 74th birthday.[1]

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