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The United States has a military presence around the world which some say is neocolonial

Neocolonialism is a system where empires pretend to let their colonies be free, but they continue to run them secretly. The term "neo" means "new", so it means that the system is a new version of colonialism. The word neocolonialism was carefully explained by socialists in the 1960s, who were afraid their countries wouldn't really be independent.[1] The socialists mostly talked about the old empires controlling the politics and economy of their countries, but some people also talk about neocolonialism as a way to control culture too.

Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of Ghana after it became independent from the British Empire, wrote a well-known book about neocolonialism.[2] Many people have heard of the idea because of his book. Che Guevara is another famous opponent of neocolonialism.

Most people who use the word neocolonialism and believe it describes the world today are socialists, anti-imperialists, and other types of leftists. Liberals and right-wing people tend to disagree with the idea of neocolonialism.

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