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Nerd Corps Entertainment is a Canadian computer-animation studio based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Nerd Corps has been world known for Slugterra television series that airs on Disney XD in Canada and worldwide. IMD Has A Partner Scrawl Studios Decbuild Entertainment[1][2]

Information[change | change source]

Nerd Corps Entertainment is one of the largest children’s animation studios in North America. Founded by Asaph Fipke and Chuck Johnson in 2002, Nerd Corps has grown from a small operation working out of an apartment in downtown Vancouver to a true army of over 400 artists and storytellers, Until DHX Media in 2014 acquired the company in December 24, 2014 and became a Subsidiary of DHX Media.[3]

Properties[change | change source]

  • Slug-Terra (9 September 2012-Present) (Produced With Family Channel, Disney XD in Canada, Astral Media and distributed by Shout! Factory and Entertainment Eone)
  • Endangered Species (5 February 2012)(Jam Filled/Nerd Corps Entertainment)
  • Kate And Mim-Mim (Produced with FremantleMedia)14 May 2014-2016
  • League Of Super Evil(26 August 2008)(Nerd Corps Entertainment/YTV)
  • Rated A For Awesome(12 April 2011)(Disney XD Original/Nerd Corps Entertainment/YTV/DHX)
  • Storm Hawks(22 November 2006)(Nerd Corps Entertainment/YTV)
  • Monster High(5 October 2013)(MGA Entertainment/Flying Bark Prodcutions/Nerd Corps)
  • Max Steel(9 August 2013)(Nelvana/Nerd Corps Entertainment/Mattel Toys)
  • Hot Wheels Battle Force 5(23 November 2008)(Teletoon Original Production/Hot TV/Nerd Corps)
  • Dragon Booster(12 October 2004)(Jetix/Nerd Corps Entertainment/CineGroupe/Studiopolis)
  • The Story Hat(5 May 2002)(Nelvana/Doozer/Nerd Corps Entertainment)

References[change | change source]

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