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New Europe Bridge

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New Europe Bridge
Coordinates44°00′08″N 22°56′54″E / 44.0021554°N 22.9482770°E / 44.0021554; 22.9482770
CarriesFour lanes of roadway, one railway track and a combined bicycle path/pedestrian walkway (the designed second walkway was not completed: it runs only from the Bulgarian river bank to the island under the bridge)[1]
LocaleBetween Calafat, Romania and Vidin, Bulgaria, at river kilometer 796[1]
Official nameNew Europe Bridge[4]
DesignExtradosed bridge
Total length1,971 m (6,467 ft)
Width31.35 m (102.9 ft)
Longest span180 m (590 ft)
DesignerFernández Casado
Constructed byFCC Construccion
Opened14 June 2013[5]
Daily traffic2,590 vehicles/day[6]
Toll0–37 euro

The New Europe Bridge, also known as Danube Bridge 2 ( is a road and rail bridge between the cities of Vidin, Bulgaria, and Calafat, Romania. It is the second bridge on the shared section of the Danube between the two countries. It has both box girders and cable-stays. It was built by the Spanish company Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas, at the cost of 226 million. It was officially opened on 14 June 2013.

Motorists must pay tolls.[7]

It was previously known as Danube Bridge 2 and informally called the Vidin–Calafat Bridge or Calafat–Vidin Bridge.

There had been no bridges crossing the Danube river between Bulgaria and Romania since the destruction of Constantine's Bridge, in the 4th century, until the Danube Bridge was built and opened in 1954.

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