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Photo from New York Comic Con

The New York Comic Con is a festival that takes place in New York City for fans of comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television.

Past conventions[change | change source]

Dates Places Number of people Guests
February 24-26, 2006 Jacob Javits Center, NYC 33,000 Kevin Smith, Frank Miller
February 23-25, 2007 Jacob Javits Center, NYC 49,000[1] Stan Lee,[2] Brian K. Vaughan
April 18-20, 2008 Jacob Javits Center, NYC 60,000 Stan Lee, Frank Miller, T.M. Revolution, Paul Barnett, Coheed and Cambria
February 6-8, 2009[3] Jacob Javits Center, NYC 77,000 Dave Gibbons, Joss Whedon, McG, Daniel Dae Kim, Euros Lyn
October 8-10, 2010 Jacob Javits Center, NYC TBC John Romita Sr., John Romita Jr, Stan Lee

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