Nihombashi Station

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Not to be confused with Nippombashi Station in Osaka, Japan.

Nihombashi Station (日本橋駅,にほんばしえき) is a railway station of Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan.

Adjacent stations[change | change source]

Tokyo Metro
Subway TokyoGinza.pngGinza Line
Kyōbashi (G 10) - Nihombashi (G 11) - Mitsukoshimae (G 12)
Subway TokyoTozai.pngTōzai Line
Rapid, Local
Ōtemachi (T 09) - Nihombashi (T 10) - Kayabachō (T 11)
Toei Subway
Subway TokyoAsakusa.pngToei Asakusa Line
Airport Rapid, Airport Access Express, Airport Rapid Limited Express
Shimbashi (A 10) - Nihombashi (A 13) - Higashi-Nihombashi (A 15)
Local, Express, Rapid, Commuter Limited Express, Limited Express, Access Express, Rapid Limited Express
Takarachō (A 12) - Nihombashi (A 13) - Ningyōchō (A 14)