Noakhalian language

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Noakhalian or Noakhailla Bengali is a dialect of Bengali language,[1][2][3] spoken in the Greater Noakhali, South Tripura and some other parts of Chittagong Division. Irish linguist Grierson classified this dialect in the Southeastern Bengali group of dialects of Bengali language.[4] Many other linguists like Suniti Kumar Chatterji and Sukumar Sen classified this dialect under Vanga group of dialects of Bengali language. Linguist Dr. Muhammad Shahidulla placed this dialect under Prachya or eastern dialects of Bengali language.[5]

Native Pronunciation Noakhailla
Native to Bangladesh and India
Region Greater Noakhali, South Tripura.
Ethnicity Bengalis
Native speakers 7 million (estimated)
Language family Indo-European
  • Indo-Iranian
    • Indo-Aryan
      • Eastern
        • Bengali–Assamese
        • Bengali
          • Noakhailla
Writing system Bengali script
Language codes
Glottolog noak1234
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