Nobusuke Kishi

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Nobusuke Kishi
岸 信介
Kishi Nobusuke 1954.JPG
Prime Minister of Japan
In office
31 January 1957 – 19 July 1960
Acting until 25 February 1957
Monarch Shōwa
Preceded by Tanzan Ishibashi
Succeeded by Hayato Ikeda
Personal details
Born (1896-11-13)13 November 1896
Tabuse, Japan
Died 7 August 1987(1987-08-07) (aged 90)
Fukuoka, Japan
Political party Liberal Democratic Party (1955–1987)
Other political
Imperial Rule Assistance Association (1941-1945)
Democratic Party (1952–1955)
Alma mater Tokyo Imperial University[1]
Religion Shinto/Buddhism

Nobusuke Kishi was a Japanese politician. He was prime minister two times.

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