Norddeutscher Lloyd

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Norddeutscher Lloyd
North German Lloyd
TypeJoint-stock company
IndustryShipping, transportation
PredecessorOcean Steam Navigation Company
Founded1857 in Bremen, Germany
FounderHermann Henrich Meier
Defunct1 September 1970
FateMerged with Hamburg America Line in 1970
Area served
Transatlantic, Mediterranean, Asia, and Australia
Key people
Co-founder and Executive Chairman
Eduard Crüsemann

The Norddeutscher Lloyd (literally: North German Lloyd), was a German shipping line. It was was dedicated to transatlantic transport,. The line was founded on February 20, 1857. It merged with Hamburg America Line on September 1, 1970 to found the current Hapag-Lloyd.[1]

This shipping company was known for having had several ships that won the Blue Riband. These include the SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse,[2] the SS Bremen[3] and the SS Europa[4] (in the 1930s).

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