North Jeolla Province

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Coordinates: 35°49′N 127°9′E / 35.817°N 127.150°E / 35.817; 127.150
North Jeolla Province
Country South Korea
Region Honam
Capital Jeonju
 - coordinates 35°49′N 127°9′E / 35.817°N 127.150°E / 35.817; 127.150
Area 8,067 km² (3,115 sq mi)
Population 1,871,747 (2014)
Density 232 /km² (601 /sq mi)
Subdivisions 6 cities (Si); 8 counties (Gun)
Governor Kim Gwan-young
Location of North Jeolla
Location of North Jeolla
Website: [1] (in English)

North Jeolla Province or Jeollabuk-do (전라북도; 全羅北道; Jeollabuk-do) is a province in the southwest of South Korea. The province was formed in 1896 from the north of Jeolla Province. Its provincial capital is Jeonju.

History[change | change source]

During the Three Kingdoms of Korea period, the province was the center of Mahan, and Mahan became part of Baekje, one of the three Kingdoms. In the Unified Silla period, the towns of Wansan-ju (now Jeonju) and Namwon-gyeong (now Namwon) were started in the province. When King Seongjong of Goryeo divided the whole country into 10 dos, Jeolla-do was called Gangnam-do. Later, in the Joseon Dynasty, it was finally called Jeolla-do.

Geography[change | change source]

Jeollabuk-do's area is 8,067 km² and it occupies 8.1% of South Korea.

Religion[change | change source]

The province contains 6 cities and 8 counties.

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