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Nova Bus is a company which makes buses for public transit, and is owned by Volvo.[1] Created in 1993, Nova Bus continued the production of the Classic and Rapid Transit Series models previously made by General Motors and Motor Coach Industries. Nova Buses are used in many cities across North America, including New York,[2] Quebec City, Montreal and Calgary.

Nova Bus has three factories in which the buses are built; Plattsburgh,[3] New York, St-François-du-Lac,[4] Quebec, and St-Eustache,[5] Quebec.

Buses[change | change source]

Nova Bus has produced seven types of buses, including three which are no longer made.

Model Photo Years Produced Notes
RTS GGT NovaBus RTS Single.jpg 1995-2004
Classic (TC40102A/N) Metro Transit 979 new livery.jpg 1995-1997
Articulated Classic (TC60102N) Metro Transit 708.jpg 1993
NYCT Bus Nova Bus LFS 8061, 8442 and 5930.jpg
9625 NIS.jpg
LFS Artic
MTA NYC Bus M14D bus at 2nd Ave & 14th St.jpg
NovaBUS LFX.jpg

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