Obersimmental-Saanen (administrative district)

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Maps of municipalities in Obersimmental-Saanen administrative district

The administrative district of Obersimmental-Saanen in the Swiss canton of Bern has 7 municipalities in an area of 575 km².

Flag Name Population (Dec 2014) Area in km²
Boltigen Boltigen 1,301 77.01
Gsteig bei Gstaad Gsteig bei Gstaad 971 62.37
Lauenen Lauenen 812 58.71
Lenk im Simmental Lenk 2,427 126.18
Saanen Saanen 6,909 119.71
St. Stephan St. Stephan 1,342 57.79
Zweisimmen Zweisimmen 3,015 73.11