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This box shows the color olive.
Green olives

Olive is a kind of muddy green color. In actuality, it is really a shade of dark yellow (when gray or black is added to yellow, the various shades of the color olive are produced). Some dark shades of olive can also be made by mixing a darker color (like brown) with green.

The color of old U.S. Army field uniforms is a shade of olive called olive drab (shown below) that was used because it was hard to see against trees and grass.

The most common place you will find the color olive is on an olive. It is the color of the outside of an olive. An olive's center is usually brown or sometimes orange or red.

There is a mineral called olivine that is colored a pale olive color.

Meaning of olive[change | edit source]

  • Olive is one of the colors used in fashion when a conservative, moderate color is desired.

Tones of olive color comparison chart[change | edit source]

  • Light Earls Green (Earls Green Light (Xona.com color list)) (Hex: #E8E08E) (RGB: 232, 224, 142)
  • Earls Green (Xona.com color list) (Hex: #C9B93B) (RGB: 201, 185, 59)
  • Light Olivetone (Olivetone Light (Xona.com color list)) (Hex: #B8B654) (RGB: 184, 182, 84)
  • Olivine (PerBang.dk) (Maerz and Paul) (Hex: #9AB973) (RGB: 154, 185, 115)
  • Camouflage Green (PerBang.dk) (Hex: #78866B) (RGB: 120, 134, 107)
  • Olive Drab (web color) (Hex: #6B8E23) (RGB: 107, 142, 35)
  • OLIVE (web color) (Hex: #808000) (RGB: 128, 128, 0)
  • Olivetone (Xona.com color list) (Hex: #716E10) (RGB: 113, 110, 16)
  • Dark Olive Green (web color) (Hex: #556B2F) (RGB: 85, 107, 47)
  • Black Olive (Olive RAL 6015) (Hex: #3B3C36) (RGB: 59, 60, 54)

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