Bring Me the Horizon

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Bring Me the Horizon
Background information
Also known as BMTH
Origin Sheffield, England
Genres Metalcore, deathcore
Years active 2004–present
Labels Visible Noise, Epitaph, Thirty Days of Night, Earache, Shock
Associated acts I Killed the Prom Queen
Oliver Sykes
Lee Malia
Matt Kean
Matt Nicholls
Jordan Fish
Past members
Curtis Ward
Jona Weinhofen

Bring Me the Horizon are a British metalcore band from Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. The band was formed in 2004 from members of other bands within their local area. They play a style of music that combines rock and metalcore, but they have taken on a more rock style with their latest album. Their album in 2006 called "Count Your Blessings" was a deathcore album and often people nickname that type of music "Screamo". The band's name comes from a Pirates of the Caribbean quote.[1]

Albums[change | change source]

Studio albums

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