Oscar's Oasis

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Oscar's Oasis
Created byTae-Sik Shin[1]
Directed by
  • Arthur Qwak[2]
  • Tae-Sik Shin
  • Joeri Christiaen
  • Frédéric Martin
  • Fabrice Fouquet
  • Stéphane Mit
  • Yoshimichi Tamura
  • Geoffroy De Crécy
  • Lionel Allaix
  • Marco Allard
  • Dominique Debar
  • Olivier Derynck
  • Marie Facundo[3]
  • Sly Johnson
  • Martial Le Minoux
  • Jérémy Prevost
Composer(s)Le Chantier[3]
Country of originFrance
South Korea[3]
Original language(s)English
South Korean
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes78
Executive producer(s)
  • Sung-Jai Ahn[1]
  • Corinne Kouper
  • Eugene Kang
  • Tom van Waveren
  • Genevieve Dexter
  • Guillaum Hellouin
Editor(s)Nazim Meslem[3]
Running time7 minutes
Production company(s)TeamTO[4]
Tuba Entertainment[4]
Xilam Animation
(With Space Goofs and Oggy and the Cockroaches)[4]
DistributorCake Distribution
(outside France)
Cube Creative Computer Company
(With Kaeloo)
Blue Spirit Productions
(With Loopdidoo)
Original networkCanal+ and Canal+ Family
TF1 (since 2011)
Picture formatHDTV 1080p
Original releaseSeptember 4, 2010 –
Related showsSpace Goofs
Oggy and the Cockroaches

Oscar's Oasis (known as Oscar & Co in French) is a French-South Korean computer animated television series consisting of 78 7-minute episodes.[1] It was produced by TeamTO and Tuba Entertainment,

Characters[change | change source]

Main characters[change | change source]

The four main characters are:[4]

  • Oscar - The main character of the show. He is a gecko that is always getting into trouble with the other three characters – Popy, Harchi and Buck. Oscar is always trying to catch flies and find some water, but most of the time, things don't come out right. Whenever he has something interesting, the trio always tries to take it from him. Also, he often tries to steal the trio's food. Voiced by Marie Facundo.
  • Popy - a fennec fox, the boss of the trio, the one who gives the orders. She is quite clever and sneaky, tricking the other animals as well as the two others in the trio. Voiced by Marie Facundo.
  • Harchi - a hyena, the brawn of the trio, he is given the physical jobs. He normally acts as the driving force behind the makeshift cart that he along with his friends chase Oscar or the chickens with. Sometimes he can also show stupidity. Voiced by Sly Johnson.
  • Buck - a vulture, the nerd of the trio, he always approves when Harchi gets yelled at by Popy. Voiced by Sly Johnson.

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