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Pázmánd is in the easternmost part of Velencei Hills, at the foot of Zsidó Hill (202m).

History[change | change source]

Archaeological artefacts prove that the village was already been populated the in Iron Age. The name of the village comes from the period when the State was founded; the area was probably awarded as a gift to Knight Pázmány to function as a summer residence. Little is known about the history of the settlement in the Middle Ages. One thing is sure: when the Turks were expelled from Hungary the fleeing troops slaughtered the families living here, destroyed the Romanesque church and set the village on fire. At the beginning of the 18th century Tót people (Slovakians) were settled in the area, the village was even called Tót-Pázmánd for some time. The inhabitants of the village declared themselves Hungarians already in the 19th century but their Slovakian roots are still noticeable in their conventions (Sibálás - Easter lashing).

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