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Paid survey

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A paid or incentivized survey is a type of survey where person for filling out the details will get some reward. Usual prizes will be small amount of money, simple reward like pen or cup, or entry in to competition to win something.

Details[change | change source]

Web-based survey have come a long way, from 1980s where first email surveys were conducted to 1990s when initial web-based surveys were introduced. There were almost $500 million spent on web-based surveys in 2002, and According to Inside Research this number climbed up to about $960 million in 2004.[source?]

But despite the advances in survey research, there are still many short comings and problems, such as declining response rates, limited online data bases, mistrust about survey uses (true research versus selling), survey length, issues concerning privacy and security, internet surveys being looked at as spam by some etc.

Most of Online Surveys that are real will not pay cash, but instead give vouchers or prizes. Online or Internet surveys are very useful for many companies. People get rewarded for answering questions about a product, a company or any questions that will help the company to work better.

Many companies pay people to take a survey, but some are for free.

In era of digital surveys there is many fraud cases where user will be not paid after completing one.[1] Some ways of avoiding fraud sites is to check them on MyWot, review sites or by simply checking their reviews on forums.

It is getting more popular to fill surveys to get access to website or valuable content.

Another popular form of surveys that has recently emerged are daily surveys. Daily survey panels allow their members to participate in surveys everyday. The user is taken through a router where they can keep trying to qualify until a survey is found that matches their demographics. Daily surveys pay less than most paid surveys, but the opportunity to qualify is much greater and payouts are usually cash instead of prizes.

Businesses spend $18.7 billion worldwide on market research, as reported by CASRO.[2]

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