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Paolo Vinaccia (27 March 1954 – 5 July 2019) was an Italian-Norwegian composer, jazz drummer, and percussionist. He became a Norwegian citizen in 1979. Vinaccia was born in Rome.

Vinaccia worked with Terje Rypdal, Bendik Hofseth, Jan Eggum, Knut Reiersrud (in Four Roosters), Gisle Torvik, Ole Amund Gjersvik and Jonas Fjeld. He has toured and recorded with Palle Mikkelborg, Mike Mainieri, Jon Christensen and David Darling. With Arild Andersen, he performed at the London Jazz Festival in 2008.[1][2][3]

Vinaccia died on 5 July 2019 from pancreatic cancer in Oslo at the age of 65.[4][5]

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